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Semantic filter - Magpie

Related deliverables, manuals, etc.
  • D3.3.3: Prototype of advanced learning platform (ASPL-v1)
    (Martin Dzbor & Arthur Stutt)
    This is the current user guide and background explanatory document for ASPL/Magpie framework)
    [Download PDF version]

Related papers & publications
  • Achieving Higher-level Learning Through Adaptable Semantic Web Applications
    (Martin Dzbor, Enrico Motta & Arthur Stutt; Int.J.Knowledge & Learning, Vol.1, No.1/2)
    [Download PDF]

  • Semantic Webs for Learning: A Vision and Its Realization
    (Arthur Stutt & Enrico Motta; EKAW 2004)
    [Download PDF]

  • Opening Up Magpie via Semantic Services
    (Martin Dzbor, Enrico Motta & John Domingue; ISWC 2004)
    [Download PDF]

  • Magpie: Browsing and Navigating on the Semantic Web
    (John Domingue, Martin Dzbor & Enrico Motta; IUI 2004)
    [Download PDF]

  • Semantic Layering with Magpie
    (John Domingue, Martin Dzbor & Enrico Motta)
    [Download PDF]

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