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The Prolearn-TV concept will deliver a significant living structure of Professional eLearning support materials which will be sourced from the WP members in the first instance, and in due course from the whole consortium. This material will be showcased via a streaming media portal to our community.

Visit Stadium Prolearn-TV website to checkout the current state of the Prolearn-TV concept. This system is supported by the KMi Stadium webcasting technologies of which further information can be found in the Technologies section of this website.

Future developments of the Prolearn-TV showcase, better integration with the wider consortium to allow Prolearn-TV material to be accessible via other portals, such as the ProLearn Semantic Network.

Further updates can be found in the news section of this site.






Table of Contents

The Prolearn-TV website is divided into the following sections, each represented as a link in the navigation bar near the top of every page.

Streaming media portal to showcasing Professional eLearning materials.

ProLearn-TV annoucements and news stories.

Details of the technologies used in the ProLearn-TV showcase.

Options for contributing to ProLearn-TV showcase.

Contact: Kevin Quick

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