Class RosterExtension

All Implemented Interfaces:
Extension, MessageExtension, QueryExtension,

Deprecated. use Roster intead

public class RosterExtension
extends Roster

A RosterExtension holds the values that would be stored in a jabber:iq:roster or a jabber:x:roster namespace. It is a list of users

a jabber:iq:roster object is requested from the server to get the active user's contact list, sent to the server to modify the contact list, and also received from the server ('pushed') when the contact list changes, by any active resource of the active user.

a jabber:x:roster object is sent in messages, to give another user certain contacts in a processable form, so that a specific UI can be shown (and the user doesn't have to enter all these resources by hand)

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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
RosterExtension(RosterBuilder builder)
          Deprecated. Creates a new RosterExtension instance.
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Constructor Detail


public RosterExtension(RosterBuilder builder)
                throws java.lang.InstantiationException
Creates a new RosterExtension instance.

builder - an RosterExtensionBuilder value