Package org.jabber.jabberbeans.Extension

Interface Summary
Extension An Extension is the base interface for all and type extensions on tags.
ExtensionBuilder ExtensionBuilders are responsible for building a Extension- derived object.
MessageExtension MesssageExtension is a (do nothing) interface to implement.
PresenceExtension PresenceExtension is a (do nothing) interface to implement.
QueryExtension QueryExtension is a (do nothing) interface to implement.

Class Summary
Agent Agent is a class representing a single Agent/Transport/Gateway.
AgentBuilder AgentBuilder is a class which constructs single Agent/Transport/Gateway entries, either as tags within a jabber:iq:agents namespace, or as its own jabber:iq:agent namespace.
HashExtension A HashExtension holds the code which is shared by several other extensions, including the register extension and part of the search extension implementation.
HashExtensionBuilder A HashExtensionBuilder is used to generate an IQRegisterExtension or an IQSearchRequest, which represent the data stored in the particular namespace.
IQAgents IQAgents contains the jabber:iq:agents extension, which is a list of (sub) agents known by the server or directed party.
IQAgentsBuilder IQAgentsBuilder is used to construct IQAgents objects
IQAuth An IQAuth object represents the jabber:iq:auth namespace.
IQAuthBuilder IQAuthBuilder is the class used for building an IQAuth Extension.
IQAuthExtension Deprecated. use IQAuth instead
IQAuthExtensionBuilder Deprecated. use IQAuthBuilder instead
IQAutoUpdate A IQAutoUpdate is used to relay additional information about an update available for a piece of software.
IQAutoUpdateBuilder An IQAutoUpdateBuilder is used to generate a jabber:iq:autoupdate object, a set of UpdateInfo objects which represent different available software versions.
IQPrivate An IQPrivate Extension object could be considered rather odd - all it does is hold another, custom extension.
IQRegister An IQRegister holds the values that would be stored in a jabber:iq:register namespace.
IQRegisterBuilder An IQRegisterBuilder is used to generate an IQRegister Extension, which is used in registering for jabber in general, or specific transports.
IQRegisterExtension Deprecated. use IQRegister instead
IQRegisterExtensionBuilder Deprecated. use IQRegisterBuilder instead
IQSearchRequest An IQSearchRequest lets you request the searchable fields for a searchable resource, and also lets you respond back with the items you wish to search for.
IQSearchRequestBuilder An IQSearchRequestBuilder is used to generate an IQSearchRequest, which is used in finding out the searchable parameters on a searchable resource, or performing a search on the said resource.
IQSearchResult An IQSearchResult holds a vector of SearchResult items, representing individual records resulting from a search.
IQSearchResultBuilder An IQSearchResultBuilder is used to generate a jabber:iq:search result, one of the two separate extension objects implementing this namespace.
IQTime An IQTime Extension object is used to query for the time of a remote client.
IQTimeBuilder An IQTimeBuilder is used to generate a jabber:iq:time namespace object.
IQVersion An IQVersion Extension object is used to query for the version of a remote client.
IQVersionBuilder An IQVersionBuilder is used to generate a jabber:iq:version namespace object.
OOB An OOB object represents Out-of-band referenced data, and represents the core data passed via a jabber:x:oob or jabber:iq:oob namespace extension.
OOBBuilder A OOBBuilder is used to generate an OOB packet (either jabber:x:oob or jabber:iq:oob)
PacketError PacketError contains packet <error'> tag according to JEP-0086.
PacketErrorBuilder PacketErrorBuilder is used to construct PacketError objects
Roster A Roster holds the values that would be stored in a jabber:iq:roster or a jabber:x:roster namespace.
RosterBuilder RosterBuilder is the class responsible for building complex roster item lists,
RosterExtension Deprecated. use Roster intead
RosterExtensionBuilder Deprecated. use RosterBuilder instead
SearchResult A SearchResult represents one item in a search result.
SearchResultBuilder A SearchResultBuilder is used to generate a SearchResult, which is one entry of possibly many in a returned IQSearchResult.
UpdateInfo An UpdateInfo is used to relay information about a particular available update.
UpdateInfoBuilder An UpdateInfoBuilder is used to construct UpdateInfo objects
VectorExtensionBuilder An VectorExtensionBuilder is used to generate a various extensions which are just lists of objects.
XAutoUpdate A XAutoUpdate is used to indicate to a client that there is a new version of some software.
XDelay A XDelay extension handles jabber:x:delay packets.
XDelayBuilder A XDelay extension handles jabber:x:delay packets.