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Provide project participants with various 'non-invasive' methods for understanding and learning about climate science in co-operation with the other members of a large community. Particular attention will be focused on supporting the interpretation, sharing and comparative analysis of data generated from the large-scale distributed experiment.


In order to achieve the main aim and make the specific topic of the climateprediction.net project more accessible to the general public, schools, universities and various special interest groups, we intend to tackle the following categories of objectives:

  • Making sense of a specific climate model or a model accessible from the web, incl. its partial results/visualisations;
  • Interaction with and accessibility to the rich domain resources (scientific papers, news, etc.);
  • Ability to present/publish the partial results and 'project proposals' by the members of the community at large ('forensic evidence gathering');
  • Interactive participation in the community events (discussions, webcasts, 'popular science' newsletters, etc.)
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