Masaya Volcano: Day 10

Today was a great success for ERA with a complete suite of tests completed!

As usual a ping test was performed using the web address as the target address.

Ping volcano BGAN 17/02/2010 10:23am

And again a second time,

Ping volcano BGAN 17/02/2010 11:53am

Followed by tests,using jperf and iperf, the results of the jperf test are detailed below.

jperf TCP volcano BGAN 17/02/2010 10:25am

jperf TCP TEXT volcano BGAN 17/02/2010 10:25am

jperf UDP volcano BGAN 17/02/2010 10:29am

jperf UDP TEXT volcano BGAN 17/02/2010 10:29am

And the iperf data

iperf TCP volcano BGAN 17/02/2010 10:31am

iperf UDP volcano BGAN 17/02/2010 10:32am

iperf TCP volcano BGAN 17/02/2010 11:56am

iperf UDP volcano BGAN 17/02/2010 11:57am

I tried another jperf set of tests but all failed as did connecting to the internet on the iphone. It may be that the BGAN credit was exhausted as after a series of tests a French man upon asking what I was doing thanked me for the free WiFi and had been using it for his email etc!

I then performed the transfer of still image via FTP to the server

An image sent to server via FTP

A successful test was completed using VOIP and streaming video back to the UK.

iPhone connected to EDIMax via BGAN displaying video stream

The day was a complete success regarding testing backhaul tests to the UK which for me was very satisfying!

Equipment setup at volcano crater

I managed today to test the iPhone augmented reality application which worked well but still need the altitude reading to be adjusted to ensure popups appear in the view screen horizon.

I tried to make a video recording of the screen output but the bright sunlight made this impossible, so please take my word for it that it idid in fact work!

Given the length of day and the minimal time i had for personal activity/observation there is nothing to report today.