Success on the BGAN from Masaya Volcano…

Screensnap image of Paul on video and audio

Paul live from the volcano on VoIP phone and streaming video (video capture from screen)

Yesterday we successfully connected to Paul at the volcano using the BGAN satellite link. The following set of (five) posts will try to cover the tests we carried out, these include:

These findings made the whole trip worth while. We now know that we can connect across the world and transfer live photo, video and VoIP data to give anyone on the Internet remote access to field locations.

One thought on “Success on the BGAN from Masaya Volcano…

  1. Andrew Frost

    Dear Trevor –

    Can you tell us more about Paul and the Masaya Volcano test? We’re very interested to see whether it’s relevant for news or case study on Inmarsat’s website.

    Andrew Frost
    T: 00 20 7728 1583

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