Masaya volcano: Day 12

Today was spent on the Nindiri plateau, there is nothing to report on ERA or the iPhone but I will provide another photo gallery of today’s trip.

Nothing to report.
Nothing to report.
The Nindiri plateau was a very inhospitable place today, far worse than last week due to much stronger winds and gas flow.

Gas spreading over Nindiri plateau

Three of the team were sent up ridge to take magnetic readings which looks quite beautiful when the wind drops.

Clear view of magnetic reading location

But then when the wind picks up it makes for a harsh place to work!

Can you see the three team members?

This picture at first looks like a large rock structure, but look more closely and see the camera is actually on the ground and the rock structure is only a few inches tall.

Large rocks or small?

We then descended into the plateau.

The descent

Where readings were taken, both magnetic and gravity.

Readings taking on Nindiri

We found more evidence of the destructive elements inflicted on a location marker pin

corrosion volcano style