Now back in the UK I can reflect on the trip and what was achieved.

The reason for my attendance on the field trip was primarily to trial the iPhone field tool app, which was in the end a success due to the use of the BGAN. A lot was learned from this experience about how the application needs to be modified to be able to work in remote locations such as the caching of map data. Presently the application requires internet connectivity in order to download the required map data and as I found out early on this was not possible on the volcano. So with no map data the application could not work.

Having the BGAN available gave the required internet connection which allowed the application to jump into life and prove the concept was valid.

As with all programs amendments need to be made to make it more robust and viable and discussions will be entered into in the coming weeks to see where we go from here.

On the ERA front this too appears to be a success, although it will be down to Trevor to state how much of a success it was. For my part it was satisfying to complete successfully the full suite of planned test from the crater edge. It was unfortunate that the 3G side of things did not work out, see post on the topic, but hopefully this does not put a shadow over the other tests.

On a personal level the trip was something I never imaged in my wildest dreams I would have the opportunity to experience. Not only have I learned many things about the Masaya volcano but also about Nicaragua, its people and its environment. For me it has been life changing as I have come back a different person than the one that left the UK two weeks ago.

My thanks to Hazel Rymer for inviting me to join her and her team on this section of the expedition, to Peter Scott for allowing me to attend, and to Trevor, John, Mark and Chris for their assistance leading up to and during the trip.