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Hank Cognitive Modelling Environment
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Hank was dreamt up, designed, and implemented by Paul Mulholland and Stuart Watt at the Knowledge Media Institute and Department of Psychology, at the Open University in the UK. Stuart Watt has subsequently moved to the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, UK.

Others who helped by giving us loads of great feedback (in more or less alphabetical order), Sandy Aitkenhead, Gillian Cohen, Trevor Collins, Thomas Green, Judy Greene, Clayton Lewis, Simon Masterton, Chris McKillop, Peter Naish, and Ingrid Slack. We'd like to thank them all. We'd also like to thank all those who tried out Hank while we were developing it.

'Hank' is not an acronym; it is named after, and as a tribute to, Hank Kahney, whose work on SOLO, and whose opinions on what cognitive modelling should be like, made Hank possible.