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Hank Cognitive Modelling Environment
The Open University

Downloading Hank

Hank requires:

  • Windows 95/98/ME, or Windows NT/2000/XP
  • a minimum of 8Mb of memory
  • a minimum of 5Mb of disk space

The latest version of Hank is 1.0b34 (beta test release 34, 31st July 2003). Changes in this version are described on the Hank Change Page. Note that on some computers this version has a problem to print your Hank models! In such case, please use one of the older versions listed below.

Available for download:

  • The Cognitive Modelling Project that can be used in combination with the Hank software
    cognitive-modelling.pdf (PDF format)

If you download Hank, we would be very grateful if you would register your software. Click on this button to go to the registration page.

Please Register

Contact: Paul Mulholland (P.Mulholland@open.ac.uk) or Stuart Watt (S.N.K.Watt@rgu.ac.uk)