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Hank presented to D309 'Cognitive Psychology' tutors in London

On Saturday 9th January, all the tutors on the D309 'Cognitive Psychology' Open University course were invited to London to talk to the course team about Hank, how it would work within the course, and how the course as a whole might develop in the future.

On the whole, feedback was pretty positive, and most tutors seemed to feel that Hank was an advance on its predecessor, Prolog, even though they did find a considerable number of small errors in the draft they saw. But they did share with us a few larger concerns, in particular about the structure of the assessed work based on the Hank pencil-and-paper exercises. Thanks to Trevor Collins and Judy Greene, who have agreed to change the structure of the assignment, so that it is much closer in form to a typical psychology report.

by Stuart Watt, 9th January 1999