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Hank Cognitive Modelling Environment
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Version 1.0b2 of Hank now available for download

There was a problem in the handling of the database built in questions: "Add To Card", "Remove From Card", "Get Cell Value", "Put Cell Value", "Shuffle", "Sort", and "Card Size". All these built in questions would remove all current variable values, which was not a good thing at all. This version corrects this problem.

Hank version 1.0b2 also introduces draw values, which are composite values Hank draws differently. For example "Draw: Colour: Green; Hello World" appears as "Hello World" in green text. "Draw: Background: Red; This is red" appears as "This is red" on a red background. "Draw: Background: Light Blue" simply draws the entire cell in light blue.

by Stuart Watt, 18th June 1999