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Version 1.0b30 of Hank now available for download

It's been a long time coming, but...

This is a major update of Hank, and includes a significant number of bug fixes as well as a number of new features.

New features

  • Copy and paste to external applications (e.g., Microsoft Word and Powerpoint) is now supported for the first time
  • Export in Windows enhanced metafiles is supported. EPS files can still be used, but are really intended when a high quality press is needed
  • An HTML version of the user guide now exists and has been linked to the Help menu
  • Preferences are now stored in the registry (rather than in "hank.ini")
  • A simple "Options" dialogue box - currently only used to enable checkpointing

Bugs fixed

  • A serious problem, apparently caused by the debugger, could lead to the "Blue Screen of Death"
  • Colour mapping changed to fit Windows 2000 - and possibly even Windows XP
  • Scripting code, which hasn't worked for ages, has been removed from the File menu, just in case...
  • File extensions didn't always default properly in standard file dialogs

Hank is still officially a beta release, there may be other serious gremlins in the system still, so although this release seems to be considerably more stable than its predecessors, there are still likely to be gremlins in the works in a few places.

Please report any unexpected bugs to:

Stuart Watt - S.N.K.Watt@rgu.ac.uk