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Hank Cognitive Modelling Environment
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Version 1.0d14 of Hank now available for download

We've made a few changes to the Hank program, which are included in the latest version, which is available from the Downloading Page.

No changes were made to the underlying Hank language, and all models should continue to work with no changes.

The latest changes include:

  • Fixing the printing system so that it works with the underlying implementation language. Printing broke when a new release of the language was provided by our suppliers, which changed a few things without telling us.
  • Correcting the printing system to the print job's title is derived from the window being printed. It will now show up in the printer window for the operating system.
  • Adding two new preferences, default-columns and default-rows, to the hank.ini file. Both default to 2. You can change these settings to get more or less rows and columns by default to each card as created. The default settings are written automatically when Hank is first run. The file hank.ini is in the application directory.
  • Rewriting the question processor for brief questions. It's a bit slower, but now at least you can stop the process when it's running. It uses the workspace window in its reduced form.

by Stuart Watt, 19th January 1999