Objectives and Topics

The workshop aims to become a highly interactive research forum for exploring the promises of the Web of Linked Data in technology-enhanced learning by gathering researchers from the areas of the Semantic Web and technology-enhanced learning. We will welcome high-quality papers about actual trends in (a) how eLearning approaches take advantage of Linked Data on the Web and (b) how Linked Data principles are being applied in eLearning contexts. Both rather application-oriented as well as rather theoretical papers are welcome.

Relevant topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Linked data for informal learning
  • Personalisation and context-awareness in eLearning
  • Usability and advanced user interfaces in learning environments and linked data
  • Light-weight eLearning metadata schemas
  • Exposing learning object metadata via RDF/SPARQL & service-oriented approaches
  • Semantic & syntactic mappings between eLearning metadata schemas and standards
  • Controlled vocabularies, ontologies and terminologies for eLearning
  • Personal & mobile learning environments and linked data
  • Learning flows and designs and linked data
  • Linked data in (visual) learning analytics and educational data mining
  • Linked data in organizational learning and learning organizations
  • Linked data for harmonizing individual learning goals and organizational objectives
  • Competency management and linked data
  • Collaborative learning and linked data
  • Linked-data driven social networking collaborative learning