JISC Inform Vol. 19 News Article

1 11 2007

The e-Dance predecesor CSAGE as a VRE (Virtual Research Environment) is briefly mentioned in a News article in JISC Inform Vol 19 – October 2007. DVD copy of the videos are available describing CSAGE as well as other VRE projects. This included a photo of the projected and post-edited StereoBodies performance.

Copy of news article: New videos showcase best in collaborative research New videos showcase best in collaborative researchTwo videos that explain how projects from the first phase of JISC’s Virtual Research Environments (VRE) programme are bringing researchers together through VREs have been launched.

Projects highlighted in the videos show how researchers in the materials sciences, for example, have been able to share results in real time with other remote teams of specialists; how dancers have been performing in remote environments (see image); how groups of historians have been ‘meeting’ remotely and collaborating across more than a dozen institutions, and so on.

Frederique van Till, JISC’s Programme Manager for the VRE programme, now in its second phase, said: ‘We’re delighted to have such a range of perspectives and research backgrounds on these films. What has really come through is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, just as no two research projects are the same.'”



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