Information Aesthetics: Arts Paper Section at SIGGRAPH 2010

30 07 2010

Touching Space: Using Motion Capture and Stereo Projection to Create a ‘Virtual Haptics’ of Dance

Kim Vincs presented work withsimilarities, although quiet a lot of differences, to early eDance and CSAGE activities; specifically the morphologies piece.

The image above shows the space combining stereoscopic screen with MoCap – motion capture facilities; used in a combined balet performance – also creating a 3D wrist tracked and defined solid model.

“This project presents a vision of interactive dance performance that “touches” space with the intentionality and agency of kinematics, and suggests the possibility of new kinds of human-computer interfaces that emphasize touch as embodied, nuanced agency rather than as task-based gestures such as pointing or clicking.”

New projects include ‘Capturing Dance’, with a mathematics and biomechanist team to map movement signatures.



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