Welcome to the e-Dance project, funded by the joint AHRC+EPSRC+JISC e-Science Initiative.

Two intersecting research questions are central to the project:

  • What unique opportunities does the distributed Access Grid environment provide for developing new approaches to choreographic composition and process and within this context how can we find new, appropriate and meaningful methodologies for capturing and modelling practice-led research?
  • How can choreographic knowledge and sensibility help to shape e-Science practice to make its applications more usable within the field of performance arts practice-led research as well as the broader Arts and Humanities context?

We will be extending our Memetic toolkit for recording, replaying and annotating sessions in the Access Grid, to create tools for choreographers to rehearse and perform distributed compositions.

To learn more, here are our specific Objectives

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3 05 2011
Sensemaking, resilience, and liminal space (17:10:01) :

[…] our AHRC/EPSRC/JISC-funded e-Dance research project, we opened the proposal as follows: A key problem in the academic field of dance […]