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“Integrated into the PROLEARN network will be a live telepresence architecture for the streaming of media at scale to professional learners. This work will be showcased in the PROLEARN Academy context – to bring expert academic perspectives on Professional Learning into our community in a live and interactive context”.

The specialist research labs in Universities, like UPM in Spain and the Open University in the UK, produce technologies and systems for live webcasting, which tend not to deploy widely out into other educational and corporate communities.

For example, the KMi Stadium project has a long-running series of experiments into webcasting models over the last ten years (Scott et al, 1998; 2005). Whilst important lessons have been learnt from this work, widespread deployment has not followed. Both corporate and academic parties in technology enhanced professional learning still see live webcasting as challenging, despite all this innovation.

In the Prolearn Academy context this work was showcased in a live series of events associated with the Summer School in Bled, Slovenia 2006; run by the Prolearn partner, JSI. The webcast part of this event was very successful, and we are now moving to a set of institutional based trials for late 2006-7.

Download the D.2.5 deliverable in pdf format here.

Contact: Kevin Quick

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